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A Little About Us

Prickly Pearadise Quilts is a family and Veteran owned business committed to providing high quality fabrics, quilting and machine embroidery supplies to meet all your sewing needs.  

Heather grew up in a household where her mother and grandmother sewed and quilted. In high school, Heather took every Home Economics class she could, going to the fabric store every few weeks for the supplies to start a new project. Going so often at times, that her mother would ask her to sew slower. Through the years sewing was always a passion and creative outlet. In 2016 she discovered machine embroidery and was hooked! Heather enjoys learning new techniques and sharing what she's learned with others.

Mark is an Air Force Veteran, having served in Desert Storm. Similar to Heather, Mark's mother and grandmother also sewed and quilted. However Mark is creative in more technical ways. He is involved in the world of Robotics and 3D Printing. He enjoys the challenges of designing, building, and programing various electronics needed for his projects. If you're curious about 3D Printing and Robotics, Mark is happy to share his knowledge.

We are excited to bring our quilt shop to Goodyear. We invite you to browse, shop & share. And, if there's anything you don't see here, let us know and we'll try to find it for you.


What's in a Name?


Our name, Prickly Pearadise Quilts, pays homage to the legacy of Mark's father. As a respected orchardist, he owned and operated an 80-acre Bartlett Pear Orchard, near the base of Mount Hood. Immersed in his community, he actively participated in local events and championed improved working conditions for the seasonal migrant laborers in collaboration with the Diamond Fruit Growers. Upon retiring from his fruitful orchard endeavors, he embarked on a new chapter by acquiring a vessel christened "Pear-adise," which became his cherished home. Over the ensuing years, he reveled in countless voyages along the West Coast, delighting in the company of his brothers and an extensive circle of friends. Amongst his preferred destinations, he enjoyed navigating the awe-inspiring waters surrounding Alaska. Years later, he bid farewell to the frigid expanse of the Pacific Northwest, migrating to the sun-kissed skies of Casa Grande, AZ. Tragically, his unexpected passing transpired shortly after acquiring his newfound home. We named our shop Prickly Pearadise Quilts to commemorate his indelible memory.

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